Witold Żukowski films

(Photography: Stanisław Śliskowski, WFO 1968)

The authors present historic folk scupltures of Christ, based on museum collections.
2nd place award – Museum Film Review in Kielce (1971)

“The Fair in Leżajsk” 
(Photography: Seweryn Bącała, WFO 1975) 

An impressionistic documentary about the fair in Leżajsk, known for its original woodcarving works. 
Award of the Zakopane Design Workshops – Art Film Review in Zakopane (1976) 
Honorable mention – Scientific Movie Society’s Congress in Philadelphia (1976) 

“In a Potter’s Family ”
(Photography: Seweryn Bącała, WFO 1976) 

The history of a pottery center in Łążek Ordynacki.
Grand Prix – “Man-Work-Creativity” International Film Forum in Lublin (1977)
“Cepelia” award – Art Film Review in Zakopane (1978)

“The Sculptors of Sieradz Land” 
(Photography: Stanisław Śliskowski, WFO 1976) 

Movie from the “Of the craftsmanship and folk art traditions” cycle. A poetic interpretation of three folk artists’ individuality: Szczepan Mucha, Stanisław Korpa and Jerzy Kaczmarek.
Bronze Lajkonik – Cracow Film Review – Polish Competition (1977)